Custom Growing Media

Custom Growing Media: Media customized for your Renewed Earth-designed grower support program

At Renewed Earth, we are committed to providing long-term grower solutions. Our horticultural consultant works closely with customers to produce higher quality annuals, perennials, and woody ornamentals. This is how the customization process works.


The desired media characteristics are determined based on crop requirements, production systems, cultural inputs and a comprehensive formulation consideration checklist.


We utilize a proprietary computerized model to formulate media with the desired physical and chemical properties tailored to your unique specifications.

Customizable media elements include:


Our award-winning compost facility, specialized screening equipment, computer-controlled blending line, and expert staff produce consistent, high-quality media.


Renewed Earth wants to be a key partner in the long-term success of each customer’s growing program. We strive to maintain a close working relationship—as needs change and companies evolve—in order to help ensure that each growing media continually performs to all expectations.

We would love to help answer your questions.

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