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Our focus is to improve the products used in growing media and outdoor landscape construction and maintenance projects.

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About Us

Renewed Earth was formed by brothers- Jim and Dan Glas, in 1996. Our company markets growing media, mulch, compost and soil products at the wholesale level. We have two locations in Otsego, Michigan – a blending facility as well as a composting and production facility.

Our focus is to improve the products used in growing media, outdoor landscape construction, and maintenance projects. Renewed Earth’s home office is in Kalamazoo, Michigan and our sister company, Kalamazoo Landscape Supplies started there in 1971.

Blending Facility

We produce finished mixes for professional growers utilizing a computerized blending line. Renewed Earth produces unique soil mixes for growers throughout Michigan and the surrounding states. Our specialty is providing custom soil mixes designed specifically for your unique set of growing variables and price point.

Nurseries use their own custom soil mixes to grow annuals, perennials and woody ornamentals. In addition to nursery and greenhouse growers, Renewed Earth has provided media to six leading horticultural universities for hands-on classroom experiments and specific research projects.

Composting and Production Facility

Renewed Earth maintains thousands of cubic yards of bulk organic material in various stages of composting as it is being readied for incorporation into the final products. We have a unique set of processing machines to size, separate, consolidate, manage moisture, weigh and compost raw materials.

The composting and production facility was the first to develop the guidelines to permit industrial composting facilities. Dan and Jim worked closely with the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) to develop the guidelines to permit industrial composting facilities. Renewed Earth has worked with numerous large industrial entities, assisting with their own compost solution feasibility studies.

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