Pinelife Mulch

Nutrient enhanced, organically composed.

Each product used for landscape mulch has its own individual characteristics. For example, hardwood mulches are readily available and knit together, sometimes so well it can impede plant growth. Pine bark maintains its rich natural color but in some locations, can be blown or washed out of landscape beds. While compost is a great way to improve soil biology and physical properties, as a mulch, it provides a prime bed for airborne weed seeds.

Pinelife Mulch balances the positive attributes of hardwood, pine bark and compost to create a performance-based landscape mulch.


Since 1996, customers have helped propel Renewed Earth into predominately creating custom products. Pinelife Mulch is a combination of both customer feedback and continuous momentum to provide exceptional results for our customers.

Screened Pine Bark Blending

To create Pinelife Mulch, Renewed Earth blends raw products, biologicals capable of enhancing nutrient absorption and slowly release nitrogen. These materials are mixed together and screened for consistency.


Pneumatically installed or placed by hand, Pinelife Mulch is to be utilized in annual, perennial, and groundcover landscape beds as well as around tree and shrub plantings.

Similar Products


Landscaping finished with pine barks creates signature of sophistication, increased moisture retention, weed suppression, and root protection.

Craft Bark Blend

Craft bark blends are client-driven landscape mulches designed for functionality and distinctive style. Each blend is as unique as the landscape it was customized to enhance.


Barkfines from Renewed Earth use ground, aged and screened forest products to create a fine, uniform mulch.

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