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Pinelife Mulch

Pinelife Mulch balances the positive attributes of hardwood, pine bark and compost to create a performance based landscape mulch.


Landscaping finished with pine barks creates signature of sophistication, increased moisture retention, weed suppression, and root protection.

Craft Bark Blend

Craft bark blends are client-driven landscape mulches designed for functionality and distinctive style. Each blend is as unique as the landscape it was customized to enhance.


Barkfines from Renewed Earth use ground, aged and screened forest products to create a fine, uniform mulch.

Cannabis Potting Soil

Cannabis Potting Soil

Commercial cannabis growers require high quality substrate in order to achieve optimal yields.



Our active composting process creates an environment where billions of soil organisms are formed to deliver integral nutrients to plants.

Growing Media

Custom Growing Media

Our horticultural consultant works closely with customers to produce higher quality annuals, perennials, and woody ornamentals.



Renewed Earth takes an active role in working with you to formulate soils whose specifications ensure long term sustainability and accommodate your budgetary needs.

Landscaping Soil Blends

By improving soil structure through remediation, you will successfully establish a wide palette of plant material in your landscaping projects.

Bioswales & Rain Gardens

Offering innovative methods for managing stormwater by utilizing a range of components with unique properties to help achieve site specific requirements.

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