Crafted Bark Blend

Crafted Bark Blend: Designed to meet your specific landscaping needs

Craft Bark Blends are client-driven landscape mulches designed for functionality and distinctive style. Each blend is as unique as the landscape it was customized to maintain and enhance. The following process details the client experience when collaborating with Renewed Earth to create a Craft Bark Blend.


The process begins with you—your unique project, your innovative vision, your desired outcome. If you are searching for a product with a unique color, size or physical properties that cannot be found in the current market, Renewed Earth can develop a solution for you.

Screened Pine Bark

Let’s get our hands dirty together. The following range of components are available to create products with the individual style and functional properties you require:


At Renewed Earth, we value consistency as much as you, our valued customer. With this in mind, we manufacture and source components to ensure consistency. We strategically place skilled operators and company protocols to create the repeatable results you demand.

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Pinelife Mulch

Pinelife Mulch balances the positive attributes of hardwood, pine bark and compost to create a performance based landscape mulch.


Landscaping finished with pine barks creates signature of sophistication, increased moisture retention, weed suppression, and root protection.


Barkfines from Renewed Earth use ground, aged and screened forest products to create a fine, uniform mulch.

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