Pine Bark

Growing media component, landscape mulch, soil conditioner.

Our fresh and composted Pine Bark with minimal wood and high-bark content is superb as a growing media component. The fresh pine bark from sawmills is integrated into finished products while the composted pine bark is managed for months in lots to compost at ideal conditions.

Fundamental Properties, Signature Product

Locally grown, harvested and processed, multi-dimensional pine bark is one of our most versatile products. As a growing media component, pine bark offers desirable physical properties including porosity and soil stability. Landscaping finished with pine bark creates a style signature indicative of sophistication and refinement, with the added benefits of long term color maintenance, increased moisture retention, weed suppression, and root protection during the winter months. Pine bark is also integrated into landscaping soil as a high-impact soil conditioner.

Screened Pine Bark

The finished version of our fresh and composted Screen Pine Bark is modulated to a specific size or size range. Screening allows for ideal physical properties to be achieved and a desired style to be uniformly created.

Specific Size Options

Specific Size Options

Similar Products

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Pinelife Mulch balances the positive attributes of hardwood, pine bark and compost to create a performance based landscape mulch.

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Craft bark blends are client-driven landscape mulches designed for functionality and distinctive style. Each blend is as unique as the landscape it was customized to enhance.


Barkfines from Renewed Earth use ground, aged and screened forest products to create a fine, uniform mulch.

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