Fine uniform mulch with a story.

Barkfines from Renewed Earth use ground, aged and screened forest products to create a fine, uniform mulch. Often referred to as triple shredded mulch, Barkfines are approximately 1/2″ minus in size and feature a versatile medium brown color.


Barkfines were originally a residual of the Menasha Corporation paper board mill. Whole tree and sawmill chips were delivered to the mill. The chips were sized and the fines were removed. These fines, or Barkfines, provided landscapers and suppliers with a fine, uniform mulch for years. Change, as natural as the environment, brought a close to the mill. Having a loyal following for this unique product, customers worked with Renewed Earth to continue manufacturing Barkfines. Renewed Earth is proud to be supplying new and many of the original loyal customers still today.

Landscape Mulch

Easily distributed on landscape beds by hand or efficiently through pneumatic equipment, this mulch is ideal for landscape displays, groundcover beds and planting areas.

Mulch Blends

Barkfines can be blended with compost to create a rich, natural mulch and economically with other components to create a Craft Bark Blend.

Plant Storage

Barkfines can be used to sustain plant material staged for use at a later time, especially where a uniform appearance is desired. Ideal for use as B&B healing material and for display areas.

Similar Products

Pinelife Mulch

Pinelife Mulch balances the positive attributes of hardwood, pine bark and compost to create a performance based landscape mulch.


Landscaping finished with pine barks creates signature of sophistication, increased moisture retention, weed suppression, and root protection.

Craft Bark Blend

Craft bark blends are client-driven landscape mulches designed for functionality and distinctive style. Each blend is as unique as the landscape it was customized to enhance.

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