Custom Cannabis Potting Soil

Soil solutions for commercial growers.

Renewed Earth provides practical science-based soil solutions for commercial growers of cannabis in the Great Lakes region. Renewed Earth has been producing potting soil blends specifically for the cannabis industry for over 10 years in addition to 25 years of experience crafting custom soil blends for commercial annual and perennial growers.


Over 9 million new container grown plants found a home in custom blended Renewed Earth soil in 2022. The potting soil is mixed to specification through a computer-controlled blending line with full attention to uniformity and quality. The products are produced locally for primary distribution in the Great Lakes market reducing carbon footprint and eliminating need for warehouse storage and long-distance transport.


Our commitment to providing long-term soil solutions has resulted in some of the individual growers had more than 80 different recipes over time. The ongoing changes to their soil mixes is from implementing continual improvements to meet each grower’s evolving practices and unique cost-benefit objectives.


As Michigan’s largest custom potting soil blender for professional growers Renewed Earth has well established sources for high quality components. This along with experienced staff and well-developed processes enable them to provide consistent high-quality products at a variety of price points. 

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