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Landscaping Soil Blends
Professional, compost based and amended soils

Soils for the Urban Environment

Today's landscape plants are increasingly challenged with establishment on sites with suboptimal physical and chemical characteristics. By improving soil structure through remediation with Renewed Earth's premium soils, you will successfully establish a wide palette of plant material in your landscaping projects.
Gardener's Delight
A performance-based professional planting mix with optimal pH, porosity and high organic content. Gardener's Delight is designed for building high-visibility horticultural display gardens. It is recommended as a stand-alone replacement soil for excavated sites, for the remediation of existing low quality soils and to construct raised beds on poorly drained sites.

Garden Blend
A compost-based soil designed for general use in medium- to high-care areas. Garden Blend is also used to improve heavy soils, top-dress lawns, and backfill larger plantings.

Yard Blend
A compost-amended soil blend designed for landscape construction, planting and maintaining all types of turfgrass. With high organic content, Yard Blend outshines native topsoil in resistance to compaction, installation under wet conditions and promotion of healthier plants.

When working with Gardener's Delight or Garden Blend in landscape beds, integrate the first few inches of our blend into the existing soil and add a minimum of 6" to 8" on top of this transition layer for planting.
To establish turfgrass with Yard Blend, loosen the existing topsoil or subsoil before dispersing a minimum 4" of the Yard Blend. Also be sure to pay close attention to the soil's final drainage characteristics.

Designing products to fulfill your specific soil needs

Custom Blends

At Renewed Earth, we recognize that "ideals" are site specific and often fall within the framework of tight budgets. Using a practical approach to developing landscaping specifications, Renewed Earth takes an active role in working with you to formulate soils whose specifications ensure long term sustainability and accommodate your budgetary needs.
Soils crafted to a specific texture, particle size distribution, pH range and organic content. Includes:

Sports Fields
Our specialty soils for sports fields can be built from individual components or organics can be blended with existing soil on site. Common applications include golf courses and athletic fields

Custom Blend Components

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