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Our compost is organized into windrows that are
monitored and turned accordingly.

Lifecycle Compost
Supporting sustainability by completing the composting cycle

Grown On Trees

Fall is the beginning of the leaf composting season at Renewed Earth. Select communities have partnerships with Renewed Earth and operate organized municipalities. These municipalities collect leaves from urban areas and use properly developed staging sites to limit the risk of contamination.
The recycled material composting operations use determines the quality of all finished products. Renewed Earth exclusively accepts leaves and is selective in choosing communities we work with. This selectivity allows us to produce cleaner, more uniform, finished compost.
Our Lifecycle Compost is both a product and the foundation for some of Renewed Earth product offerings. Our active composting process creates an environment where billions of soil organisms are formed—organisms that work in concert with plants and organic matter to deliver integral nutrients to plants. Lifecycle Compost allows Renewed Earth the necessary soil organisms and organic matter to create a sustainable, effective media for all your growing needs.
The Composting Process

Lifecycle Compost — Organic Soil Amendment
This additive, comprised of thoroughly composted leaves, will boost organic content and improve soil properties.

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