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Custom Growing Media
Media customized for your Renewed Earth-designed grower support program

Grower Solutions

At Renewed Earth, we are committed to providing long-term grower solutions. Our expert horticultural consultant works closely with you to produce higher quality annuals, perennials, and woody ornamentals. This is how the customization process works:
We determine desired media characteristics based on production systems, cultural inputs and a comprehensive formulation consideration checklist.
We utilize a proprietary computerized model to formulate media with the desired physical and chemical properties tailored to your desired specifications. Customizable media elements include:

Our award winning compost facility, state-of-the-art screening equipment, computer-controlled blending line, and expert staff produce consistent, high-quality media.
We want to be an integral component of your growing program and a key partner in your long-term success. As your program continues to evolve, we maintain a close working relationship to ensure your growing media continually exceeds expectations.

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