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Renewed Earth Barkfines
Fine uniform mulch

Ground, Aged, Screened

Renewed Earth Barkfines use ground, aged and screened forest products to create a fine, uniform mulch. Often referred to as triple shredded mulch, Renewed Earth Barkfines are approximately 1/2" minus and feature a versatile medium brown color.
Landscape Mulch
Easily distributed on landscape beds by hand or through pneumatic equipment, this mulch is ideal for landscape displays, ground cover beds, planting areas, and parkways. Tip: Apply a desired depth before planting ground cover to save labor and help avoid plant material damage.
Compost Blends
Renewed Earth Barkfines can be blended with compost and other components to create a rich, natural mulch.

Plant Storage
Renewed Earth Barkfines can sustain plant material staged for use at a later time, especially where a uniform appearance is desired. Ideal for use as B&B heeling material and for display areas.

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